Off the Vine  in the media!

Destin Log - January 2010

Off The Vine featured in the Destin Log, January 19, 2010. 
"Big chill is a boon
to some Destin businesses
and a bust to others"
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Natural Awakenings - November 2009

Featured in Natural Awakenings..."Green"  Off the Vine.
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NWF Daily News - August 2009

NWF Daily News features Off the Vine!
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Seaside Times - Summer 2009

Off the Vine was recently featured in Seaside Times with
"Locally-Grown Organic Veggies Served
and Sold in Seaside."
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The Daily Green - March 2009
40 Inspiring Stories of Real People
Making a Difference
The Daily Green audience's nominations
for the first annual

2009 Heart of Green
  - Local Hero Award.

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Southern Breeze - Magazine/Green Issue July 2008

Off the Vine was recenlty featured in
Southern Breeze Magazine's  - July Green Issue
in an article entitled "Let's Eat!"

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On The Coast - Magazine - July 2008

On The Coast Magazine feature article on Off the Vine.
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Beach Comber - Magazine July 2008

Beach Combers Magazine features Off the Vine Produce...
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Destin Log - July 2008

Off the Vine featured in the
Destin Log, July 26th, 2008.
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Natural Awakenings
Atlanta Edition
April 2008

Organics At Your Doorstep
April 4th, 2008 from
Natural Awakenings Atlanta Edition.


Walton Sun
Article - March 2008

Off the Vine Produce was featured in the
Walton Sun in March of 2008. 
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 AJC - Atlanta Journal and Constitution
Article - February 2008

Off The Vine Produce was featured in a 2 page story in the Atlanta Journal Constitution as one of two Metro Atlanta grocery delivery services.
"Grocery delivery crops up again - Online services deliver fresh produce, frozen food to busy customers"
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"Good Day Atlanta"
FOX 5 - Live Television

Off the Vine spotlighted on
Only ten of 70+ companies were featured that participated in the "2005 TASTE OF ALPHARETTA."  What fun we had creating our booth and showing Atlanta our fresh produce! Lots of interest was created for the
Taste of Alpharetta and Off the Vine!


Taste of
2003, 20
04, 2005

With over 60,000 people attending and over 75 booth participants, this 5 hour event is one of Alpharetta's best! Off the Vine has gone all out each year to present a fun & interactive booth. We bring in 1940's tractors for the kids to explore and of course, lots of fresh local produce on display. A FUN event for all to enjoy!


Points North Magazine
October 2004

Our local produce basket was featured in full color and our concept explained to the readers. We are grateful for the exposer and thankful for the new customers that have found us through POINTS NORTH!


Alpharetta Neighbor Newspaper
Front page feature

June 2003

A front page story was featured with photos showing our colorful bushel basket of produce being delivered to one of our current Cross Creek- Alpharetta customers.We consider Alpharetta the heart of our delivery area and loved the exposer as well as discovering many new customers in the area!


































































































Current news...

Do you want to know if the
milk you’re buying came from cows treated with
synthetic hormones?
Do you think the cows producing the milk you drink should
adhere to the same drug-free standards as Major League Baseball players?
If the answer is yes,
then you have the

Organic Trade Association

to thank for keeping
truth-in-labeling alive.

Monsanto, until recently the maker of recombinant bovine growth hormone (Eli Lilly
bought that arm of the
business in April 2008), waged
a state-by-state campaign to outlaw the use of phrases like "rBGH-free" on milk.
The Organic Trade Association quietly spoke out in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Missouri, Indiana and Kansas, urging state agriculture departments to continue
allowing dairies that avoid synthetic hormones --
including certified organic dairies, which cannot by law inject their cows -- to label their milk accordingly.

Many of us don’t realize how behind-the-scenes battles like these have their effect on our everyday milk sources.
Because of the Organic Trade Association, consumers can still look for milk that
fits their ethics. 
Our everday choices
make a difference. 

Organic Standards

Click here for more info

Eat local & organic.
Vote everyday
with your dollars!





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