We salute our fabulous hardworking
and dedicated farmers!

Blumenberry Farms  
Promoting organic consumption fresh from Florida.  
Mitch Blumenthal acquired a ten-acre organic blueberry farm in 1995. As he tended to his Sarasota crop, he began to explore heirloom row crops, blackberries, and other unusual items. Soon, the ten acres of blueberries had evolved into ten acres of diverse, beautiful crops. 
Recent harvests have included okra, snow peas, bull’s blood beets, kolrabi, baby corn, popcorn, persimmons, herbs, and sugarcane.  We applaud Blumenberry Farms for their high quality and unique produce that we crave!  This years Chioggas & Bull's blood beets, fresh garlic and baby fennel were, well, perfect!  We Thank you Blumenberry Farm!

Glaser Organic Farms
“Organic Foods from the Redlands of Miami, Florida”, “We are a Certifie
d Organic farm dedicated to growing the finest naturally grown organic produce and preparing Gourmet Raw Foods for over 20 years.”
Established in 1980, we specialize in growing tropical fruits such as mango, papaya, lychees, bananas, avocados, rare and exotic tropicals, winter vegetables and herbs. Our practice of organic farming is one of exceptional quality,using only nu
tritive components on our trees, garden and soils. It is our dedication to working and living with nature that allows us thepleasure of offering you foods of such exceptional quality.” 

Lady Moon Farms 
“The Finest Produce, in the sharpest package, every time.” “Lady Moon Farms began in 1987 on a 22 acre farmette in Selinsgrove, PA. We added land as demand for organic vegetables grew, and moved to our current location in Chambersburg in 1996. Deman
d continued to grow and we tried a venture in Florida in 1999, which is now in full production in PuntaGorda outside of Fort Meyers. This gave us year-round availability to our customers and a year-round income! With the addition of another farm in the Chambersburg area this year,our total acreage is now close to 900. That's a lot of vegetables!!!”

Pressley Groves    “Truly Organic Citrus Picked Fresh from our Groves.” Pressley Groves has been in operation in Frostproof, Florida, since 1984 and has been certified organic since the late 1990’s. They take pride both in growing and in packing their organic citrus to high standards andhave been for five generations – that’s over 100 years! Pressley Groves grows red, pink, and white grapefruit, Navel, Valencia, Hamlin, and Temple oranges, and Honey Murcott Tangerines!

Promised Land Farms
  Committed to quality produce for the consumer and family. John Beville has been farmin
g most of his life, learning mostly from his grandfather and on his own. He transitioned his family’s land to certified organic in 2002 and has noticed a remarkable difference in the health of his land and his family.  Promised Land Farms offers quality squash, beans, cucumbers, eggplant, cabbage, turnips, and more – all fresh to you from Alachua, Florida.

We add organic farms throughout the year accoring to their seaonal availability.  We appreciate you eating fresh with us!




Jordan Farms, located in Dover, Florida, has been growing certified organic strawberries since 1999 on land that has been in the family for over 75 years. They combined a friend's experience as a conventional strawberry grower with their
own hands-on experience inorganic growing to bring the best
tasting organic strawberry
to the market.  In the last years Jordon Farm has doubled their organic strawberry acreage increasing the availability of their tasty fruit.
Farme Fresh Produce

Robert Wheeler - Wheeler Organic Farm, chipley


Off the Vine
has supported many
small and large organic farms over
the last 10 years.

Our Farmers are
our heros and we appreciate their
hard work and dedication to organic produce!


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