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                         Thank you for all for your great comments over the years!  

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know the produce this week was awesome,
every piece was perfect.  Thank you for what you do
, so that people like us can make better choices on what we eat.  Thanks again!   Teresa H.  Fort Walton Beach, Florida   January  2013


I don't know how you do it, but everything has been absolutely WONDERFUL. The fruits and vegetables are pristine -- what I would pick for myself at the store or farmer's market. The flavors
are amazing. And, this is getting us to try new things and get out of our steamed mixed vegetable rut.  We love the recipe sheets -- can't wait to try the cabbage salad and the red chard
"chips" this weekend!    Kathy   Monroe, Louisiana  May 2012

I purchased your case of fruits and vegetables for the first time this past Wednesday and would like to tell you everything was awesome.  What a joy to see the freshness and variety and to be all organic to boot!  Thank you for all your efforts.  Happy Holidays.  Karen B.  December 2011

I totally love you guys!
   I look forward to opening my box every week and I'm constantly singing your praises. Also, customer service rocks! Keep up the good work!
xoxo  Tywana   December  2011
The apples have been wonderful! going to make a pie this week with those granny smiths. The rest I have been sharing and the pears are just yummy! See you Wednesday!
Sharon  Fort Walton Beach  November 2011

TY!  I made chard quiche tonight.  Never ate it before ya had in this months box! Have really enjoyed trying new healthy things. The pears are super too! just the right size for an after meal refresher!  Karo  Fort Walton Beach  November  2011
Just unpacked my first fruit & veggie box. Very pleased. Going to put in a standing order
Off the Vine!   Kelley  Destin  September 2011
We received our first delivery yesteday and it is wonderful and we are very impressed. 
Kimberly   Niceville  April 2011

Looking forward to when I get another box.  It is sort of like Christmas! 
Shawn    Destin   February  2011

I have recommended you to many friends and colleagues and will continue to do so, to my friends who live in the Southeast.  Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service and fantastic produce.    
Janice - Atlanta   10-22-09

I just wanted to tell you how much I love your produce delivery.  I love to cook and my husband and I weren't getting enough vegetable variety, plus the produce wasn't that fresh.  Now that I get my veggie box I try new recipes or eat vegetables I wouldn't normally buy!  I love this service!    Bonnie - Destin     6-2-09     

Thanks so much!   I know you all are working very hard to provide quality produce and grocery products that are both locally sourced and consistently affordable... and you all do an amazing job of achieving both goals! Thank you so much for the service you provide; I really don't know if you know how much time and gas you save me from running all over the panhandle for groceries! Not having to sacrifice quality and our ideals (about organic foods, etc.) and still be able to not have to spend half of every week "foraging" is such a gift... thank you!  Erin   Navarre   posted  5-26-09

The package is absolutely beautiful and the first apple was probably some of the best fruit I have ever eaten. Thanks again!     mike30-ADes    South Walton   11-19-08

Delivery.  I have been a member of several veggie co-ops. When they deliver, like this one does, it's great!  I recommend it.     mcintosh   Atlanta    5-19-08

Great Produce.  We have been using Off the VIne for awhile now for our produce.  The food is always fresh and much tastier than you can get at the store.  We suggest that others give them a try too.   BasktballMom  Atlanta      8-3-07

Very fresh!  Just got my first delivery and so far I am impressed!  It's a good variety of fruits and vegetables, and included some things that I don't often think to get at the grocery store.  I'm sure we'll be eating better as a result.    atlantaphile - Atlanta   5-10-07

Great service for the Money!  We get a basket of fresh fruits and veggies delivered every other Thursday. It's reliable and a real treat.  We can't wait to see what's in the basket.  It's a great deal!    sweetie2  -  Atlanta    2-14-07


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Thank you for 10 great healthy years!





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