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Welcome to Off the Vine Organic Produce!           

We bring the Farmers Market to you! We are so honored to have such amazing communities
to help share the message of health, nutrition and local sustainability of organic food!
In 2002, our company was founded on the principles of eating fresh clean food. We offer weekly organic produce boxes that are filled with the best quality produce and always seasonal values. 
We have supported local Southeast and USA organic farmers each and every week now for
eleven years. 
All organic - all the time!
What are our All Organic Produce Boxes ?

A MIXED Produce Box includes 13-15 varieties of fresh organic seasnal vegetables fruits 
An ALL FRUIT Box includes 6-7 varities of organic seasonal fruits
A JUICING Box - 9-10 varieties of organic vegetables fruits intended for juicing, smoothies etc.
0Plus recipes, ideas tips on how to use your produce included in every box!
We know that you will love our unique produce service so much that we guarantee everything
we offer 1
00%.  We keep our produce program simple with no up front costs or long term commitments.  Simply order fresh organic produce weekly or according to your needs!

We believe that one of the reasons why our organic produce shares are filled with such beauty
is not only because they are grown with rich soils by organic farmers, but also becau
se they are shared by families and friends every single week!  People talking sharing healthy food options
with one's a good thing.
Help spread the goodness of healthy organic eating!
Where do we deliver?
Off the Vine offers our service in several ares in the Southeast including Atlanta, Birmingham,
Mobile, Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, Destin, Seaside and Panama City to name a few!
Please click our SERVICES tab above for our local Pick Up Location information.
How does our service work?  It's Simple! 
Every Friday by noon OTV will post the "What's fresh this week!" selection of produce boxes
available for next week here on our home page.
Place your produce order anytime between Friday and Sunday night at mid
Place your order here on the we
bsite or by email - [email protected]
or call us - 850-374-2181.

A weekly selection is intended to supply your produce needs for 2 people for about a week.  o
Our weekly selection of fresh fruits vegetables are certified organic - all the timeo
Order your produce as needed, on a flexible schedule or 7, 14, 21 or 28 day cycle.oo
No weekly commitment required or upfront deposits.
Consistent and reliable weekly service since 2002. 
Last 2 weeks to order your fresh organic apple boxes! 
Now - Nov. 30th!
   Pacific Rose, Pinova, Winesap, Arkansas Black Jazz APPLES!!!!! 
ALL 2013 USA grown - new crop organic apples!    
2 0 1 3 OTV Organic Apple Box is here
Click link above to order NOW!
Enjoy apples in all their wonderful forms - applesauce, juice, tarts, crisps and especially apples in their simplest whole form. Be sure to leave the peel on - not just because that's where much of the healthy photo chemicals are concentrated - but for the apples' full flavor complexity.
Off the Vine offers 5 different seasonal apple varieties per box -
right at a 1/2 bushel.  Approx. 34-36 apples. 
Seasonal APPLE BOX:  $39.50   NEW apple recipes included!
Order online, by email or call us to place your order.
Did you realize if a family of 4 eats one apple EACH day you would need
120 apples each month!    
Place orders by Sunday nights for the current selections!
Did you can REPLY back to this email to
place your order
  for next week!  Please leave your: name, pick up location
what you wo
uld like for the week!  
What's Fresh this week! 
 Nov. 17-23, 2013  
MIXED Fruit Vegetable Share 
    Beautiful broccoli, rainbow chard, Acorn winter squash, Portobello mushroom caps, yellow sweet onions, carrots with tops, Yukon Gold potatoes, Romaine lettuce, cucumbers, Pinata apples, Hamlin oranges, Taylor Gold pears and 1 pound of fresh cranberries!

Our all organic OTV MIXED selection ($ 56.00 ) will include 8-9 vegetable varieties and  
3-4 different fruit varieties each week! Enough quantities to supply vegetables  fruits for a family of 2 persons for a week. This OTV MIXED fruit and vegetable share is always filled with 100% USA grown organic produce!

 A fresh golden Pineapple, bananas, Pinata apples,
Gold delicious apples, Hamlin oranges, Taylor Gold pears

and 1 pound of fresh cranberries!


     2 bunches of green kale, Rainbow chard, Romaine lettuce, juicing carrots, ginger, cucumbers, fresh mint, a pound of spinach, tart lemons, Golden Delicious apples,
Pinova sweet apples and a pound of fresh cranberries!

 Each OTV JUICING Box is intended to make about 7-8 glasses of juice for one user for a week.
Usage will vary by person.
Enough to enhance your regular organic eating habits and help to incorporate juicing into your everyday diet!  Our ALL FRUIT ($34.00) and JUICING ($48.00) produce shares are U.S. grown, locally grown
and from select countries to allow for more varieties. 

We adhere to strict USDA and International Organic standards for every item
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 Place orders by Sunday nights for the
current selections!
THANKSGIVING 2013...What's coming up....We love food here at Off the Vine and we can help you prepare a fabulous organic feast for your THANKSGIVING table!  Unique, healthy and delicious. 
Try them ahead of time or simply plan all the ingredients needed so your
special week will be as enjoyable as it is delicious!
         Place orders by Sunday nights for the current selections!
otv .org 
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Why Choose Us... because we care and we work hard to bring you the best local and organic produce consistently every week.  In 2002, we created the concept of delivering local produce to local people in our Southeast area. We have grown, thanks to our many dedicated organic customers, and together we all help the farmers grow better food. 
By eating wit
h us you:  Eat healthier.  By having fresh produce available weekly in your home, your ability to feed your body its recommended 7-9 daily servings of fruits and vegetables becomes much easier. We all know that farm to table is the best way to receive the maximum nutritional value from our food.  We keep that gap tight plus our fruits and
vegetables are always from farms as local as possible to our areas. We usually have it
to you
within just days
of being harvested. 

Enjoy a variety of local flavors.  As the seasons turn so do our selections throughout the year.  We are lucky to live in a great agriculture area and have the benefits of many varieties of produce.  It's the unusual produce that get many customers excited each week when they receive their produce box!  Variety is the spice of life we agree, but we also keep the basics in mind
and the picky kids you may need to feed!  

Save money, time and effort.  How many hours do you spend a week looking for perfect, local, seasonal organic produce?  Can you even find it?  Well, it's our business! 
We find the best values for the produce every week and pass that value on to you. 
We save you time and money every week with your food shopping efforts. 

Have flexibility.  You choose the frequency that fits yo
u best: weekly, every other week,
every 3rd or 4th week delivery - or choose a random schedule.  When you buy your organic
fruit and vegetables with Off the Vine Produce, you are supporting local organic farmers
and your local economy every single week.   

Convenience and reliability.  Since 2002, with OTV, you are able to routinely stock your fridge
with the best local organic produce with a simple phone call or email. 


  We bring the farmers market to you!



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